About Us

Finding a flight school can be tricky. Questions you may ask yourself are; 

“How do I know one from the next?” or “What makes one better for my specific training goals?” or even “What questions am I even supposed to ask???”

Well, let me, as a flight school owner, start by sharing my personal background. I started in aviation back in the 90’s with no specific direction other than “I would love to fly an airplane one day!” At the time I started I got passed around to over a half dozen instructors. I thought they were all Gods, the best of the best, Ace of Base. Now decades later I look back and think it’s criminal how and what they taught me. But I just didn’t know any better. I spent thousands of borrowed money doing unplanned tasks, with zero guidance, and with strange and dangerous practices. I vowed that one day when I would become an instructor, let alone a flight school owner, I would change everything about how I learned, and commit to giving students what I’ve learned they would need after years of teaching and flying for the commercial airline industry. I hope we come to serve you well, and always work to improve how we do it.

Reza Birjandi

Owner, Pacific Skies Aviation